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Pro Athletes Herbal Relief Patch (8pcs)
Pro Athletes Herbal Relief Patch (8pcs)
Pro Athletes Herbal Relief Patch (8pcs)
Pro Athletes Herbal Relief Patch (8pcs)
Pro Athletes Herbal Relief Patch (8pcs)
Pro Athletes Herbal Relief Patch (8pcs)
Pro Athletes Herbal Relief Patch (8pcs)
Pro Athletes Herbal Relief Patch (8pcs)
Pro Athletes Herbal Relief Patch (8pcs)
Pro Athletes Herbal Relief Patch (8pcs)
Pro Athletes Herbal Relief Patch (8pcs)

Pro Athletes Herbal Relief Patch (8pcs)

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This 'Pro Athletes Herbal Relief Patch' is revolutionizing pain relief for Pro Athletes - Now Available to the Public

This new form of pain relief therapy involves no drugs or chemicals and it has no known side effects, yet it relieves pain in minutes and for twice as long as existing solutions.


The days of people risking their lives with dangerous painkillers may soon be over. Thanks to a breakthrough in pain relief science, a new patch is available that doesn't use harsh drugs or cause any known side effects. Yet it’s already proven in hundreds of tests.

What’s more, it's 100% made by natural ingredients, unlike existing patches, it doesn’t use smelly chemicals, cause itchy skin, leave rashes, or offer pain relief that fades within hours.


Approved by Elite Sports Doctors and Pro Athletes

Thanks to the Pro Athletes Herbal Relief Patch (8pcs), pro golfers, NFL stars, and NBA champions are able to relieve pain in minutes and walk, run, and perform at their peak without the dangers of pharmaceuticals. 

This includes former NFL defensive end Dwight Freeney. After 16 seasons in one of the most demanding sports in the world, Freeney

was plagued by quad pain. Yet within 24 hours of applying this  patch, Freeney felt like he’d never suffered a quad injury in his life.

"I was a big skeptic,” said Freeney. "But the next day, I'm walking around feeling better. And without having to put drugs into my body is huge."

This improvement sounds remarkable. Yet it’s no surprise to Dr. Craig Davies, who regularly gives his pro athlete clients patches.

How Does it Work?

The secret to Pro Athletes Herbal Relief Patch (8pcs) success at relieving pain without drugs or chemicals is its use of groundbreaking "energy medicine" technology. This technology draws on the latest breakthroughs in quantum physics to relieve pain.

It’s all to do with how every element in nature has an electronic code. Just like how websites are coded to control how they look and behave, natural ingredients have a code to define how they act in the body.

This new understanding has enabled the codes of over 200 natural pain relievers to be imprinted onto a single  patch.

When applied to the skin, Pro Athletes Herbal Relief Patch (8pcs) then radiates all 200+ codes throughout the body. The body then chooses which codes it needs to relieve pain.

Healing Power of 200+ of Mother Nature’s Pain Relievers

Pro Athletes Herbal Relief Patch (8pcs) contains ZERO chemicals, pharmaceuticals or any active ingredients that carry side effects. Instead it contains the electronic codes of 200+ natural pain relieving ingredients to radiate healing throughout the body.


Learn More About Our 
Revolutionary Pain Relief System

  • Treat Pain and Inflammation

    Within minutes remarkable shifts can be felt. Pain and inflammation begin to dissipate.

  • Wearable Patches

    Radiate fast-acting long-lasting pain relief without any drugs, chemicals, or known side effects.

  • Treat chronic and acute pain

    Breakthrough technology for pain and inflammation.

How It Works

1. Clean and dry the area where you want to apply the patch.
2. Apply to the nearest flat area of your skin on or near the area of pain. Press firmly for 10 seconds to ensure good adhesion.
3. Enjoy the benefits of pain relief!

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Pro Athletes Herbal Relief Patch (8pcs) is so confident that its patches relieve pain in miutes and for up to 24 hours that every box comes with a 30-day 100% risk-free money back guarantee.

What this means is that if you feel no reduction in your pain, you haven’t gained the mobility you hoped for, or you're dissatisfied for any reason at all Luminas will refund every cent. No questions asked.

This makes Pro Athletes Herbal Relief Patch (8pcs) a 100% risk free purchase. You either experience a life transforming reduction in pain or you get your money back.