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Mini Shoe Dryer
Mini Shoe Dryer
Mini Shoe Dryer
Mini Shoe Dryer
Mini Shoe Dryer

Mini Shoe Dryer

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Ugh! Wet shoes after rain are just purely disgusting, right? And freezing your toes to wear them in winter isn’t the best experience as well. We get it, which is why you’re going to love the Mini Shoe Dryer! This Mini Shoe Dryer, made with high quality materials, will be your best mate in any weather. Cold toes? Dry off the moisture and keep the germs off you favorite kicks! Let it warm your shoes up and clear any smell! Wet shoes? It’ll dry it out in no time!



The dryers are super easy to use. Simply slip it in and wait for it to dry and warm up in the blink of an eye!

The Mini Shoe Dryer are made of high quality materials, designed for a safe, convenient, and durable user experience!

Not only do we care about your user safety, we also care about the environment! This Mini Shoe Dryer operates while saving energy!

Stop getting disgusted by wet shoes or frozen by cold shoes! 



  • Voltage: 220V-50HZ
  • Power: 10W
  • Size: 16.5cm*5.5cm



  • Insert the dryer into the wet shoes for around 1 hour in regular situation. 
  • The temperature should be set around 65-85°. 
  • Avoid using the dryer for a long time after the shoes are dry. 
  • Unplug after use for safety measure.